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Why Beauty Experts Choose Mineral Makeup

Enriched with natural ingredients that work in harmony with the skin rather than against it, mineral makeup has become the go-to makeup choice for beauty experts across the world. Whether it is applied to models on photo shoots or worn by brides on their special day, mineral makeup at Gerrard International not only boasts full coverage but also works to soothe and calm the skin, making it the ultimate choice of beauty experts.

Here are just a few reasons why beauty experts and makeup artists favour the skin complementing formula that is mineral enriched makeup…It works in harmony with the skin…The natural formula of mineral makeup works in harmony with your own skin tone.

Why Beauty Experts Choose Mineral Makeup

As it does not contain any synthetic ingredients such as talc which is found in other makeup products, mineral makeup allows the skin to breathe – making it ideal for sensitive skin or skin types prone to acne or rosacea. The soothing benefits of mineral makeup mean that makeup artists can apply it to all skin types without possible irritation. It protects the skin…

As well as the soothing benefits of mineral makeup, beauty experts also favour it for its protecting formula. The natural minerals work to protect the skin from environmental irritants as well as protecting the skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Adding mineral bronzer to the skin will protect the skin from UV rays while building a healthy sun-kissed glow.

It replenishes the skinTo keep the skin healthy, we naturally take minerals from our food, supplements and from topical products, mineral makeup also works to replenish the skin’s minerals. Adding mineral foundation or mineral bronzer to your beauty regime will energise and revitalise the skin with those essential minerals for a healthy and beautiful finish always.

There is so much choice…Any makeup artist always favours a makeup collection that offers choice and versatility. Mineral makeup brands such as Mii Cosmetics offer a complete range of mineral makeup to ensure every makeup look can be effortlessly created. From a sun-kissed natural look to smoky eyed evening glamour, the complete line of mineral foundations, bronzers, eye colours and illuminators allow beauty experts to really let their imaginations run wild.