Wedding Dress Ideas for the Wiser Woman

The wiser bride is confident in her style and in her skin. She is aware of what looks good on her and when she feels the most beautiful. If you are wondering what to wear for your wedding just call on your own intuition. This is good advice; however, it is not the complete picture. When you look for your ideal gown, you’ll need to figure out what kind of wedding you and your fiancée will be having. If you choose a traditional site such as a church, you may want to wear something that fits the venue.

A garden wedding though could be less formal and you could be interested in a short or tea length gown. This is especially true if you have a daytime ceremony.

Wedding Dress Ideas for the Wiser Woman

A venue that is on a beach or at a beach resort might entice you to wear a simple floor length gown or again something shorter in length. When you begin your search for wedding dresses, again think about what flatters you the most or draws compliments from others. If a particular colour brings out the highlights in your hair making you feel terrific it is perfectly alright to choose a dress in that shade.

The sky is really the limit because being a wiser woman you are confident in your personal style and attitude. You could be wondering if it is appropriate to wear a white dress if you have been married before or are getting married later in life. The answer is a resounding yes! Today’s brides have much more freedom than brides of other centuries. Veils are also a question that is commonly asked about. If you are a first time bride it is considered appropriate to wear a veil with a blusher.

However, if this is not your first time don’t choose a veil that has one. You could have a veil on a comb that sits on your crown, or use a headband with a small veil. Even a hat would look smashing with the right dress.Let’s look at some of the styles that can work for you. If “simply elegant” describes your style you can achieve that look with several dress styles.

Floor length A-lines, tailored cocktail suits with a lace overlay or a dressy cocktail dress in a tea length embodies elegance. Some brides also like a vintage look which works well in the right setting. Even a dressy pantsuit is acceptable especially if it shows off your beauty. Dresses aren’t for everyone so don’t feel you have to get married in one if you are uncomfortable.

Choose a wedding dress site that offers you many choices of styles and designers. You may want to visit this siteto start off your search. Since this is your wedding it should be about you. You owe it to yourself to wear what makes you feel beautiful, confident and comfortable. Celebrations tend to last several hours if not more and you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest.