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Top Summer Fashion Trends for Women

As we clearly have bid a sad farewell to the wonderful winter season we have come now smack dab in the midst of the summer heat. The season of sweating buckets is here and we have to get all our ammo ready to deal with this scorching heat. Now, no matter what the Mother Nature throws at us, the show has to go on and life must move forwards. Having said that, the heat should be no excuse why we need to quit being trendy and fashionable. We would like to survive the heat this summer while still staying fashionable and trendy. Up your game by staying hydrated with ice cold drinks, fresh fruit margaritas and frozen yogurt. Ice cream is your best friend along with elegant and refreshing colors of your shirts. Every season the trends in fashion change. Sometimes we bring back trends from the past and jazz them up a bit and sometimes we create something entirely new. It is necessary to stay in touch with what is new in the fashion industry now days. Some of the latest trends in fashion for women this summer, as evident by the products in women category of websites offering online shopping in Pakistan, are as follows.

Top Summer Fashion Trends for Women

Short shirts:

Say goodbye to all those long shirts and welcome the chic looking short shirts. Yes, the short shirts are back in but they are not exactly short. The shirts that are in trend this summer are more on the mid length side. They are not exactly kurti style shirts, but more like short shirts with bold prints and strong French prints. No color is out of fashion. Go for lighter colors that give off the cool and calm element this summer.

Cigarette trousers:

This summer the long and free floating palazzos are a no in the fashion trend. Fill your wardrobe with the figure hugging cigarette trousers. You can even rock the short shirts with Capris as well. The cigarette pants look very classy, trendy and chick in this summer. You can wear them plain or even go for printed trousers that look good with single colored short and medium shirts.

Light accessories and makeup:

This summer, keep the chick look by going for accessories that are lightweight and remember, less is the new trend. A hand full of intricate rings always looks chick and trendy looking. Avoid wearing dark and heavy makeup and go for the matt effect this summer.