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Summer Fashion Checklist for Curvy Ladies

This summer, there are many different styles that you can make your own. You will feel confident wearing the checklist of trends mentioned here, and you can also incorporate these fashion ideas on even the most limited budget. This summer is all about pastel colors, floral prints, flowing dresses and turquoise jewels.

Flats have never been hotter, and adding just a few pairs of boaters’ shoes to your wardrobe will spruce it up in no time. Here are some fashion ideas that curvy ladies can easily try out this upcoming summer.

Summer Fashion Checklist for Curvy Ladies

Flowing DressesWhether at the beach or out on the town shopping, long dresses have never been hotter. Curvy ladies look gorgeous divas in flowing plus size dresses at One’s best bet is to stick with rich hues, such as deep turquoise or violet. These colors bring out that “goddess” quality in any woman. Pair one of these dresses with a charm necklace, and you will have just created an awesome bohemian look too.

Flowing dresses are also hot this summer because they can also serve as the best cover-up at the beach. It is easy to pull one of these dresses over a bathing suit and head to the local beach bar or downtown without having to spend hours showering and getting ready.

Floral PatternsFloral patterns have been seen everywhere. Floral shorts and capris are particularly lovely options for curvy ladies. Cuffed floral shorts are hot right now, and they look beautiful when paired with a simple tank.The key to pulling off this look is to keep the rest of one’s outfit very simple. Allow the part of an outfit with a floral print, whether it is shorts or a top, to be the only item with this print in an outfit.

A simple white or beige tank top looks lovely with a pair of white, floral-embroidered shorts.Boat ShoesBoat shoes have made a comeback for this summer, and women should be glad. These shoes are incredibly comfortable, and they look great with a variety of looks. With just a simple t-shirt and denim shorts, boat shoes can add an extra chic quality to an outfit.

Boat shoes can also be worn with a casual dress for a more hipster type of look. Boat shoes are particularly popular in unique colors for this summer, such as mint green or light pink. Beige boat shoes are also a smart option because they can be worn with virtually any look.Charm NecklacesCharm necklaces continue to be popular for this summer. A charm necklace that features a very small charm on it adds a bit of intrigue to an outfit.

Celebrities like Katie Holmes and Blake Lively have been spotted wearing gold charm necklaces. It is easy to create one’s own charm necklace and simply add a charm of one’s choosing to a sparkly gold chain. Otherwise, women can shop online and find many different types of chain necklaces with lovely charms. Celebrities have been spotted wearing charm necklaces that feature small letters that spell words like “love,” “peace” or “dream.” These necklaces add a dash of fun to any outfit.

WedgesWedges are also a hot ticket item for summer 2013 fashion trends. Wedges add sexiness to any outfit, whether a woman is wearing a pair of cuffed denim shorts or a floral-printed dress.

Beige wedges have a tropical look that can add an exotic appeal to outfits.Curvy women look great in wedges because they tend to elongate the frame and can give a woman some extra height. If wedges are too high for you, then you can try wearing gladiators to add some stylish appeal to an outfit.The key to looking stylish this summer is to have fun with fashion and be a little on the care-free side.

Adding some floral prints and pastel colors to your wardrobe will help you to look like you have a personal stylist working for you.Keep these key concepts in mind, and you can also create a very stylish wardrobe on even a very limited budget. It is easy to shop online to find excellent deals on dresses, charm necklaces, wedges and other apparel for summer.