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Saris and Punjabi suits can offer much more comfort than western outfits?

This is the era of western outfits in India, and possibly, every mother would like to see her daughter in jeans instead of salwar kameez or sari. But, are people ignoring all the benefits offered by this outfit that can be worn in all seasons?

Suitable for all seasons

When it comes to dividing garments according to the season that they can be used most comfortably in, no one can deny that denim jeans are much more suited for cities, towns that have cold climates. On the other hand, salwar kameez and saris are suitable for all seasons.

Plus, they are more feminine, and women look much more beautiful in saris and salwar kameez compared to t-shirt and jeans. But in spite of this, considerable percentages of women opt for jeans, even during summer.

Saris and Punjabi suits

Employers do not have any issues with what their female employees wear. One Mumbai based young girl working for country’s top PR firm recently interacted with blogger working on fashion story and shared her opinion about saris and Punjabi suits.

The concerned blogger was surprised to see PR firm executive in sari because PR women mostly wear western style dresses or usual strappy top combined with tight jeans.

“I am only 25 and prefer to wear saris every day since my college days, ”- said this young girl while interacting with a blogger when both met during a press conference at one of Mumbai’s five star hotels.

These days, women are slowly turning back to stylish saris and salwar kameez. You can easily come across at least two women wearing the same while attending five star hotel parties, page 3 parties, etc.

Indian outfits can help you attract eyeballs

If you don’t believe designers and think salwar kurti makes you less attractive, try wearing green kurta (from Punjabi dress) along with jeans. You would end up attracting all the men in your office.

For healthy women, Punjabi suit can prove to be better option because sari exposes stomach and back, but suit covers it all. Perhaps, this is the reason, girls often prefer to wear Punjabi suit when they start feeling fat.

The surprising aspect is the fact that women and men wearing Indian outfits are often looked at as someone weirdly dressed. However, no one can deny the reality that Indian dresses are much more suited and designed as per Indian climate. Both, western and Indian women look great in Indian outfits.

Why do people try to copy the west?

During the making of Bollywood’s movie-Patiala House, actor Akshay Kumar interacted with journalists and shared his experience about playing British Indian. He pointed out that Indians living in India try to copy the west, but British Indians and Indian Canadians are still pure Indians as far as their lifestyle is concerned. Young Indians living in India opt for jeans while Indians living abroad prefer traditional wear. Hope sooner or later, Indians would select outfits based on comfort and benefits that they offer.

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