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Relish a 15th century green tea

Variety is the spice of life. If you are going to stick to the same old choice in all your decisions then you are surely going to miss out on a lot more that life has to offer. Take the instance of tea and coffee preference for instance. If you prefer to have the same old type of tea all the time then you would never realise what it is like to have all the numerous other types of tea that are less popular but quite amazing in taste. One such splendid example that people often miss out is the genmaicha. Given how it looks like, it is also known as “Popcorn tea”. This way you can begin to imagine it has popcorn like appearance to a certain extent.

15th century green tea

This Popcorn tea is usually available as a mixture of toasted brown rice with the Bancha green tea. In some cases, it is also available as a rich blend of Sencha and the same brown rice. This gives it a rich taste that is sure to last with you for quite a while. Earlier , rice was made use of to make this green tea go a bit further. It was a popular beverage amongst the poor people.

The origine of its name has a legend. It is said that a 15th century Samurai was once having a tea when his servant (believed to be named Genmai) dropped some grains of rice that fell into this Samurai’s cup of tea. Angered over this mistake, the Samurai beheaded the servant but later on when he sipped on the tea he had realised that actually the tea had become tastier than before. Immediately regretting his action, the Samurai named this tea after his servant Genmia. Though its name dates back to 15th century and is of Japanese origin. In all cases, you can be assured that with passage of time, the taste as well as the longevity of this tea type has only improved making it even more popular with time. It is readily available as loose green tea and also has rice kernels added to the same.

It makes an excellent morning as well as evening tea and you can drink tea in the afternoon hours too. It has low caffeine level so if you wish to stay away from caffeine you would be glad to know that this tea wouldn’t do much harm to you. However, make sure you brew it right giving it at least 3 minutes to be prepared with boiling water. People often tend to overlook the fact that right brewing is absolutely essential if you want your tea to taste perfect. If at all you wrap it up in a hurry then you can be assured of the fact that it won’t have to same taste to it, no matter what. Moreover, when it comes to the genmaicha you will be surprised to learn how rice kernels will add a whole different experience to this tea type and you are going to love it to the hilt.