Make This Eid A Special One For Your Family And Loved Ones

Eid is definitely one of the most hectic times because you know that you have to attend a lot of guests every day and it would continue for 30 long days. We would help you out in this regard so that everything goes with a flow.

Family And Loved Ones

  1. Planning in advance: You can call a family meeting a week before and plan what you want to do on Eid day. Invite others over in the afternoon, and have dinner at a restaurant in the evening? Or vice-versa? Discuss ideas with the family, including all of the kids. And do not forget to conclude on the gifts for eid. The most important part is talking about the menu and divide the cooking responsibilities instead of dumping the whole workload on mother. Every day one person should be the kitchen-in-charge who would cook the food. Because rest is essential for everyone as everyone is following the fast.
  1. Cleaning and decorating the home sweet home: This task has to be handled by every single member of the family. Maids and servants are there but they can be a good at cooking the meal while all of you are busy cleaning and decorating your own room. In case, there is enough time and the weather is warm, consider white washing the house and apply a new paint and some matching photographs or wall decals.

Balloons, lights, banners, and candles should be ready in your stock to light up your home every day. There can be a hoarding outside your house made of flowers that reads: Eid Mubarak

  1. Special delicacies for eid: Chalk out the favorite food of each member of the family which is not cooked on daily basis like biriyani, sheermal, etc. or it can be anything sweet, sour or in-between. The point is that Eid is special, and the food we eat on this day should be better and different from our usual meals. For your evening iftaar party the menu has to be different for different days and make this iftaar party funnier by keeping a blackboard and writing the menu on it.
  1. A family gift exchange time: Put each family member’s name in a basket or bowl and have each person pull one out. Whoever picks a person’s name has to buy or make that person a gift. One catch: babies have to get eid gifts from everyone. This would be really a funny game.
  1. Engage the kids to make DIY gifts for each other: It is absolutely ok to buy gifts for eid for everyone but to promote the sense of brotherhood from a younger age, indulging the kids into making their own DIY gifts for eid their siblings would be a great idea. It would keep their creativity in a check for sure.