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Let Your Bridesmaids Rock in Purple attires on Your Big Day!

No accessory is as important to the bride as are the bridesmaids; they are truly like the jewels of her crown. They are a part of your wedding plans, sort out last minute confusions for you, take care of many duties and complete the picture, altogether. So, it is a must that you pay heed to how they look on your wedding day. So, how about a colour as royal and beautiful as purple, for them to sport on your wedding day?

Bridesmaids Rock

Purple is a trending colour this wedding season as well and is great for colour themed weddings also. If you are thinking of a theme, then let me tell you that you can combine this beautiful shade with tangerine, lime, golden or silver for your wedding. The best part about this is that it compliments and enhances almost all kinds of skin tones and hair colours. Now coming to the gowns or dresses for your stunning divas, let me tell you a few styles and cuts which will look amazing in this hue. Take a look.

  • Plum it up with an off-shoulder, short and sassy dress – Short dresses are very “in”, this wedding season and your sassy divas will surely rock this particular pattern. The cut can either be A-line or bodycon, and you can leave this up to the girls, who can decide their own depending on their body types. But yes, they can pick a shade each according to their sensibilities. From rich plum and vibrant violet to the sober amethyst and soft lavender, purple has plenty of shades and there is one for everyone in your group. The best thing about this colour is that it can be used for any kinds of wedding type-from rustic outdoor and casual beach ones to the most formal ballroom ones.
  • A regal mermaid shaped purple gown for grabbing eyeballs – Very few things can work like a regal plum gown when it comes to dresses. Talking about this style let me tell you that this look can never go wrong. You can ask your retailer to customise it with the kind of necklines and backs you want your girls to wear on your day, or better still talk to them to get an idea about their image of “dream Bridesmaid dress”. Necklines can work best if they are of sweetheart style, and lace up or zip up backs, both will work excellent with the mermaid fit. Contact a good manufacturer for purple bridesmaid dresses, and ask them to customise for you.
  • Long Flowing Floor Length Lavender Gowns for all the pretty faces – Chiffon or tulle are fabrics which will very well compliment this particular style of gowns. Lavender is such a soft and beautiful shade which suits everyone irrespective of skin and hair colour. This romantic style and colour do not need to be limited and ask your girls to go experiment with the shoulder and neck areas. While your best friend chooses to experiment with a one-shoulder dress, your cousin can go for a halter neck one. So, this is the third purple dress, which has already won the hearts of many.

 If you take some time out, and search online, you will see various sites offering unique dress styles and cuts which they customise on request. Pick fabrics like elastic, lace, tulle or chiffon for purple bridesmaid dresses. Also, don’t forget to compare prices before asking your girls to buy from a particular site or store. Look for attractive discounts and rebates, and purchase in advance so that there is enough time for last moment alteration.

So plan everything meticulously so that on the final day, the entire picture of you walking down the aisle with your gang, looks captivating and no one can take eyes off you people.

Author Bio: Maria Waugh, fashion blogger writes about the different cuts and patterns of purple bridesmaid dresses, a colour which is very much popular this wedding season. Pick any style, customise and make sure your girl squad rocks on your big day!