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How to Wear Twisted Turban Headband

We are just thinking that you never thought a day would come when you would be wearing a turban, right? Well, nowadays the turban is becoming more and more famous in women circles. If we search latest trends twisted turban headbands are popular one from today’s trends.

When you wear Twisted Turban Headband in winter to keep your ears and head warm, this headgear is the perfect accessory to keep you looking modern whilst keeping warm too.

This whole summer heat thing is coming and there is no way you want your sweaty hair in your face for that. Here is a look at the headbands and turbans that we are writing on at the moment.

Headbands are lovely accessories that combine fashion with practical purposes putting hair away from the face or eyes. Now let’s follow the steps and you should consider them as guidelines to wear turban:

Wear Twisted Turban Headband

First off all, when the headband twist is worn at the nape of the neck it acts to hold it in place, try to keep a headband that does not slip.

Secondly, the twist makes the headband incredibly versatile. So versatile, in fact, that we had to make a video to take you through a few of the many ways to wear a twist headband.

Step 1: Pull some separate pieces from the front of turban and wrap them around the headband toward the back.

Step 2: Pull all of your hair up into a top knot and then hold on the headband along your hairline leaving out a couple soft pieces around your ears.

Step 3: Wear the headband along the sides and over top of your hair so that you have one strong pattern in the front, and a different around the back. Spread the fabric out at the front to cover your forehead, and keep it bunched up together for a smaller band across the back

Turban Headband measure approximately 3 inches wide in the back and narrows to the front where the twist is, but you can fan both sides to give a wider look.