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How to Selectively Style Your Baby

The title of this post will probably appear a little confusing for most readers although all should become clear in a few lines. For most parents, particularly mothers, it would be an absolute dream to pop to the local Diesel store and buy several outfits for their little one. Unfortunately, in reality, this is simply not possible and while some parents are able to buy every single item of baby clothing with a designer label, the vast majority have to be creative and shop on a budget.

How to Selectively Style Your Baby

Therefore, the purpose of this post is to identify the garments that you really don’t need to splash out on, and those that you might wish to invest in and turn towards the designer route. While it’s focussed on a new born baby, in theory, the following guidance could apply to all babies in their first year of life.Sleepsuits – Stick to the budget brandsIn the first few weeks of your baby’s life, you’ll find that he or she wears nothing but sleep suits.

The fact that your little one will be sleeping for most of the day should make this quite obvious and while you may think this is the signal to turn to designer garments, try and go against this approach.It goes without saying that your baby won’t be spending the whole day in the same sleep suit and for numerous reasons, they will require a change in outfit several times at least.

Therefore, there is absolutely no point in splashing out on designer items, which are only going to be seen for a few hours at a time. Furthermore, when the baby gets older and they are being taken away from the house, you will probably decide to dress them in something else and this is another reason you should opt against designer goods for sleep suits.

Trousers – Stick to the budget brandsAnother area which you should look to save on is trousers. Admittedly, if you do have money to burn, there’s nothing more stylish than purchasing a pair of designer trousers for your child.

However, they tend to be expensive and a lot of the budget shops have managed to produce some really good quality items in this regard. Additionally, if you happen to have a little girl, most dresses will cover a decent proportion of the trousers which means that you can afford to adopt a less expensive approach.

Hats – Consider going designerHowever, hats can be a completely different matter and this could be the ideal time to go designer. Generally, they will be the first noticeable garment on your child and this is the ideal situation to spend a little more and find a decent brand. It’s also worth mentioning that understandably, hats are much cheaper than other garments, meaning that you can pull off the designer image on a much lower budget than with other items of clothing.

This is generally the case with most brands, with Miss Grant known to be one of the most stylish.Dresses – Consider going designerWhen it comes to dresses you should adopt a completely different approach.

These are garments which your child will wear when they leave the house and therefore, it might be advisable to invest a little more in them. After a few months, they’ll wear them on a day-to-day basis but unlike the early days, she’ll probably manage to go a whole day without a change of outfit.

Therefore, whether it is Miss Grant dresses or another big designer brand, it might be worth taking a look through their stock to build the wardrobe up slowly.Shoes – Consider going designerThis was a debatable issue as while shoes might be miniature for babies, they seem to be one of the most expensive items around. However, designer baby shoes can make a huge difference and if you can afford them, they arguably should be top of your priority list.