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How to Dye Real Hair Extensions

If you want to make an adjustment to your real hair extensions (i.e. not synthetic hair extensions) without purchasing new ones, dyeing them is fairly easy and inexpensive.  You can either take them to a salon to have them dyed or you can dye real hair extensions at home, saving time and money.  In fact, the only time that you really might require a professional’s help when dyeing hair extensions is when you are lightening them.

How to Dye Real Hair Extensions

But if you’re looking to add or remove some tones or go a little bit darker, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all.Picking the DyeFirst, you want to be sure that you choose a quality hair color dye kit and developer.  Don’t go with your run of the mill boxes from drug stores.  Purchase the dye from a beauty supply shop.  Be certain that you’re getting a demi-permanent hair color or, at least, a 10-volume developer.  20-volume developers are okay to use, but that’s about it—don’t go for 30- or 40-volume for hair extensions as they can easily damage the extension.

Other Items You Will NeedIn addition to your combed and dried human hair extensions, hair dye, and developer, you will also need: Color Bowl and BrushGlovesTin FoilPlastic WrapWide Tooth CombTowelA large working space (counter or table)A warm roomAmple light sourceSpread the sheets of tin foil all over your working space to keep accidents from dyeing the counter or table.  Clear all clutter and get ready to begin.

Get Started Dyeing Your Real Hair ExtensionsFollow the instructions on the hair dye to prep your color.  Most times this will simply be one part dye to one part developer.  You will need about 3 to 5 ounces of prepped color to properly dye your hair extensions, more if they are long, less if they are short.Lay your hair extensions across the tin foil and put your gloves on.

Using the color brush, start at the top (by the clips) and coat the hair extensions completely with the color mixture, saturating each and every section of the extension.  Coat both sides of the extension from top to bottom, following the natural flow of the hair (i.e. how it hangs, top to bottom).  Failure to fully coat the extensions will result in poor color and coat the extensions from bottom to top will damage the hair.

Using too much color is not a bad thing—using too little is.Wrapping it UpWhen you are finished applying the color, cover the extensions loosely with the plastic wrap.  This will keep the extensions from drying out as they process.

The color needs to process at room temperature (check the back of the hair dye box for specific manufacturer directions and follow that temperature guideline).  This processing should take between 20 to 40 minutes in most cases.Every ten minutes, check the extension by wiping the color off of a small section of the hair with a paper towel.  Keeping in mind that wet hair will appear darker than dry hair, decide whether the hair has taken the color enough for your tastes.

If it has not, simply reapply the color to the area that you wiped off and then place the wrap back on.When you reach the shade of color you desire, unwrap the extensions and fold them up in the tinfoil.  Bring the tinfoil to a sink and rinse the hair extensions off with cool water, letting the water flow down the hair from top to bottom (like it would if you were wearing them and it started raining).  Be sure that the water isn’t blasting out of the faucet as that will splash dye all over and possibly affect the outcome of the dye job.Rinse each section carefully with a mild, sulfate free, moisturizing or color safe shampoo, using your fingers to massage the excess color out of the hair.  You should finish up in no longer than 20 minutes.

Be certain that all color is out of the extensions—if you have any doubt, keep rinsing.  The water should run clear over the extensions when all excess dye is removed.Finishing Up the JobFinally, place the extensions on a towel to dry and apply a leave-in conditioner.

Comb this conditioner through with a wide-tooth comb and then let them air-dry fully.Author Bio – This article is a work of Jenny from Image Hair Extensions, the UK providing real clip in hair extensions at great prices. To find out the best way to set your hair extensions afterward as well as to help you choose the right color for hair extensions, be sure to check out their hair extensions color chart today.