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How Many Hair Bundles Do You Need?

“I love my hair, because it is a reflection of my identity. It is soft, textured, it is kinky and fun.”, said Rosa Lilly, who is one of New Star Hair client.

We seek for perfection, and unique hairstyle as queens. When it comes to achieving a protective style such as sew-in or hair extensions, we face a challenge to get our hair just right.

In this article, we will tell you how many bundles of hair extensions you will need for a full hair look. We also describe some types of hair extensions available in the market.


Packs vs Bundles

When choosing a new hairstyle to wear, you need to decide your budget first. Packs of hair extensions are less expensive but usually not reusable. This type of extensions is more likely to shed and tangle. Bundles will cost you a bit more, while they can last for years with proper care and installation by professional hair stylist. Bundles could be treated just like your own hair.

Bunldes usually come in different textures and density. There are many types of human hair bundles, including Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian and Peruvian. They vary in color, thickness and texture, prior to get one, we recommend you to see and feel the hair texture. This will ensure that is what you want and give you the most natural hair look.

How to Wear?

The best way to apply bundles is sew-in, which is a great protective style and easy to maintain. Your natural hair will be braided into cornrows, then a needle is needed to sew your bundles to your hair. Without any heat damage or glue, this installation ties the extensions onto your hair.

The sew-in process takes about three or four hours to install. There are other installing methods including glue and tape. These methods all use adhesives to attach the extensions to your hair. If not being applied or removed correctly, they will cause bald spots. Before getting the sew-in style, you may ask yourself, “how many bundles do you need?”. Actually the number of bundles you need depends on how full you want the hair looks to be.

How Many Bundles Do You Need?

The type of hair affects how many bundles you will need a desired hairstyle. Straight hair is usually less dense than curly hair, so you will need more bundles of straight hair to achieve a full look. Besides, the longer your extensions are, the more bundles you will need. If you prefer a full and thick look, you will need three or four bundles

How to Care?

Use a moisturizing shampoo or co-wash to keep your hair from tangling and shedding. You may dye or bleach your virgin hair, if you decided, then please do a deep conditioning to the hair to ensure the hair does not have excessive permanent damage.

Where to Buy?

It is important to choose a trusted hair vendor to buy virgin hair bundles, New Star Hair, which is a top hair company in the market, offers top quality hair weaves, wigs, extensions, closures and frontals. We not only have the most competitive price for our clients, customer 100% satisfaction is our pursuit. If you are not satisfied with the hair of New Star, just return it to us, we provide you 100% return and refund.