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Five Worst Men’s Jeans Mistakes

Jeans are an item of clothing that almost every man owns a pair of. That being said, there’s still a huge population of men out there committing crimes against denim. We’ve collected the five worst mistakes that men make when it comes to both choosing and wearing jeans.

Five Worst Men's Jeans Mistakes

Low Rise isn’t a ChallengeLow rise jeans for men have becoming increasingly popular over the last decade or so to the point where they’re commonplace these days. But just a reminder, low rise isn’t a challenge; you’re not trying to break some sort of record for the world’s lowest waistband. You often see men walking around with their jeans practically hanging round their knees.

Low rise jeans look great if you wear them properly; just make sure they’re pulled up close to your waistband rather than heading towards your ankles.Over-Ripped StylesAlmost any jeans you buy these days will come “pre-worn”, meaning they’ve been subjected to a bit of wear and tear to produce the weathered look that so many denim lovers prefer.

Whilst a little of this can leave your jeans looking great, some designers have a tendency to go a little over the top. Try to avoid styles that appear excessively ripped or worn, anything that has been pre-warn to produce large holes on the knees or thighs is the worst offenders of failing to adhere to this rule.

Over Dyed/StonewashedWhen it comes to color, you’re going to want to find yourself a happy medium if you plan on buying the perfect pair of men’s jeans. Try not to choose jeans that have been stonewashed into oblivion, in all honesty, it doesn’t look all that nice if someone’s gone overboard with your denim to the point that they’re almost white.

If overly stonewashed jeans are a big mistake, so too are over dyed designs. Whilst a dark pair of jeans looks really smart, if they’re overdyed to the point of almost being purple, then it’s bad news. Overdyed jeans also have a tendency to leave the excess dye on your furniture and clothes.

Far too BaggyJust in case you’d forgotten, the whole grunge trend ended in the 90’s, alright? This fact may have escaped some men’s attention; you can routinely see men walking around in jeans that are way too baggy for them. It doesn’t look good; it’s an outdated style and only serves to ruin the rest of your outfit as a result.

You don’t have to wear a pair of skin-tight skinny jeans if that’s not your style, but why not ditch the baggy denim for something more contemporary like a slim fit or straight leg jean.Matching the BeltMost of us will wear a belt when we’re wearing jeans, but not all of us know which belt to pick with certain jeans. If you’re wearing black jeans, you should only ever wear a black belt, there are no exceptions to this rule I’m afraid. Wearing blue jeans? Well, the good news is that the rules aren’t quite so hard and fast, either a black or brown belt will be fine, but brown will probably look a little nicer, depending on what you’re wearing.