Dior was born in 1947, in France, after the Second World War, of the will of the couturier Christian Dior. It aims to restore women’s desire to take care of them, to seduce and assert themselves. The house has become an international success and Dior is today one of the most important companies in the luxury sector. This couture house, originally established in the world of fashion, is now a must in many sectors such as cosmetics, jewelry or perfumery.


 THE WORLD SEEN BY DIOR Dior has contributed to the reputation of Paris as the capital of fashion. Creativity, rigor, seduction and unique style are the key words of this French luxury home. Dior preaches the hymn to femininity and seduction. The brand has socialized the world of haute couture thanks to its unique style and its rigor at the service of novelty. Dior Homme sunglasses and frames give an urban and sophisticated look. Traditional models are brought back to life with paginated finishes. The discreet finishes highlight the sublime details dear to the brand, while the monochrome hues and touches of precious nuances bring a touch of luxury to this selection of eyeglasses.

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