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Different Types of Pearls and Their Market Value

Pearls have been one of the most preferred jewelry items over the longest period of time and till now is diligently enhancing the beauty of women and holding a creating a strong fashion statement as well. Pearls give a sense of purity, beauty and class.

There are different kinds of pearls available nowadays which are mostly used to make ornaments and jewelry on a large basis. From pearl pendant necklaces to pearl accessories, it’s all about pearls.

Different Types of Pearls

Types of pearls and their market value

The cost of a pearl depends on factors such as the size of the pearl, color, surface quality, shape, luster, and much more. The type of design of the pearl necklace determines the value of the jewelry. A cultured pearl is not valued as much as the real and wild pearl. On an average Pearl’s value starts from $300 to $1,500.

The cost on the pearl depends solely on the type of pearl;

Tahitian Pearl

The Tahitian Pearls are world famous for their dark and exotic colors. Tahitian Pearls are cultivated around the islands of Tahiti. These pearls are mostly available in dark shades. These pearls are magnificent beauties and come in a variety of shades and sizes. They make an iridescent and wonderful pearl necklace.

Based on the factors like; size and quality, a single strand could cost you from $500 to $25,000 as well.

Akoya Pearls

The Akoya Pearls are small and classic round white pearls. These are harvested from countries like Japan and China. Japan is the world’s largest producer of Akoya Pearls in the world. Akoya Pearls are generally the smallest type of artificially cultured pearls available in the market. Akoya pearls were the first to be cultivated on a pearl farm.

A single strand of Akoya Pearls can range from $300 to more than $10,000 based on the quality of the pearl.

Freshwater Pearl

Freshwater Pearls have a massive range of sizes, shapes and shades. These are round and soft white pearls and ate nearly identical to Akoya Pearls in the appearance but are less in cost. Freshwater Pearl will give you a classy and elegant look.

Based on the quality, a single strand costs from $50 to $2,000.

South Sea Pearls

South Sea pearls are highly valued across the world. They have the largest pearl variety available in the market. There are 2 types, namely; White south sea pearls and Golden south sea pearls. Both of them are very valuable and are the largest cultivated pearls in the market.

A single strand ranges from $1,000 to more than $100,000.