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Bow Ties For Women: Power In Clothing

Dress to impress – the bow tie is the new statement item for women in the office.

Formal attire is relatively straightforward for men, but women face more of a challenge when it comes to dressing for the office and treading the line between smart clothing and the feminine. One often overlooked accessory for women is the bow tie, which not only conveys professionalism, but can also be used as a powerful fashion statement for women in the workplace. Bow ties for women are the latest trend to hit the catwalks and are considered the must have item this season.

Bow Ties For Women

Do you want to stand out this summer and show everyone what a strong powerful woman you are? Whether paired with a plain shirt and tailored trousers, or matched with a fitted waistcoat, a bow tie can add a certain panache to the standard office wear. Bow ties for women are available in a variety of styles, whether a small demure dicky bow, ribbon bow ties, or the larger more dominant statement bow ties. They are increasingly available in a number of high street and designer outlets, both online and in store.

Bow ties for women can be both feminine and powerful and should no longer be exclusively an accessory for men. When added to a collared dress, a ribbon bow tie is a pretty addition, and together with a pair of killer heels, will strike a balance between a lady like and strong executive style. Equally, if you prefer a less more dominant look, a large bow tie, with a fitted blazer cannot fail to make you stand out as a woman to be watched. More unique than a regular tie, the bow tie is a sharp and interesting article of clothing, and the must-have accessory for the office this season.

Monochrome shades are particularly popular and it’s hard to disagree with the white shirt and black bow tie combination. However, if you’re looking for something bolder, do not be afraid to work with more striking colours. Why not try a bold red bow tie with a fitted black shirt? Or reverse the colours and try a light bow tie with a black dress? Want to be even braver? How about going for a patterned bow tie, one which cannot fail to announce your powerful personality? No matter how you choose to wear it, this versatile accessory can be used with any wardrobe and colour preference to great effect.

Don’t think bow ties for women are only for the office. This accessory can be tailored to your needs and works equally well with a smart casual wardrobe. Why not try a shirt and jeans with a large floppy bow tie and reinvigorate your casual wardrobe? Going on a date? Use a delicate ribbon bow tie to add a unique twist to your dress.

Whether brash and bold, or dainty and unassuming, bow ties for women are a unique and exciting addition to any woman’s work wardrobe. A true statement item, one thing is for certain: it’ll be hard to look away from a woman with the confidence to wear a bow tie, an item which adds originality to any office outfit.