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7 Best Luxury Watches For Men Around The World

Watches are used everywhere in the world and almost everyone loves to own one. Some people fancy luxurious and expensive watches and wear them to accessorize their outfits while there are still others who collect these and preserve them like a treasure for generations to come. Nevertheless, whatever might be the motive for buying these luxury watches; it doesn’t change the fact that they are beautiful and elegant.

They are unique and so these brands will never go out of fashion due to their graceful designs and styles. And even as time goes by, these brands will not fade out of the fashion world; rather they will keep producing upgraded models with new features. That is why they are seen as lifetime models.

Luxury Watches

The following are 7 best Luxury watches for Men:

  1. Rolex Submariner:

Rolex without any doubt is the most expensive watch brand in the world today. Since 1954, it has been the most incredibly famous brand maybe for its stylish sports models. It is famous for its style and also people love them because it is very unique, durable and also comfortable too. The Rolex Submariner which cost about $8500+ never runs out of fashion. This model is enhanced with gold, which also contributes to its costly price.

  1. Audemars Piquet Royal Oak:

This brand has been very successful and popular right from their first launch in 1972. It has one of the most expensive pieces starting from $20,000, yet it is also one of the most purchased all around the world. If you ask me, what makes it unique? I would say its style, brand name and build quality (made of pure steel).

  1. Omega Speed Master:

Omega just like Rolex is also another expensive and famous watch brand, used by both men and women. The reason why people love them is because they use the latest technology and always have a unique design. This timepiece is made of pure steel, yet another reason why it is pretty expensive. But it doesn’t affect the fact that its unique shape and design are the main factors why people love and prefer this brand. It costs about $4500 to $9000.

  1. Jaeger – LeCoultreReverso:

One of the most popular models sported a rectangular dial made of pure metal. It is another popular and successful brand, first introduced in 1931. Initially, it was made for only for the luxurious high society in London. Their style is unique and always in vogue. Prices start from $10,000.

  1. Tag Heuer Monaco:

First launched in 1969, Tag Heuer is famous for its square dial model; it is yet another timepiece loved by everyone. It has a design that beautiful and fashionable. They are priced at $4500 and more.

  1. Rolex Datejust:

A Rolex Datejust can be found anywhere in the world. This very popular timepiece was first launched in 1945. Its style and design are very beautiful and also attractive. Most famous celebrities in the world today, wear this model. It costs about $9000.

  1. Glalshutte Original Senator Navigator:

It is one among the best luxury watches for men in the world today. These are relatively rare as the timepieces sell out very fast. But they possess a unique design and are most popular for their sheer beauty. Also, they are more affordable as compared with other luxury watches in the world today.

In conclusion, these watches and brands are treasured around the world for their beautiful designs, quality, durability, and style. These are no doubt some of the best luxury watches for men.